International Medica Foundation

The International Medica Foundation is a nonprofit foundation committed to the development of medical products and services and the distribution of healthcare products, services and information to families in need in neglected populations.

The foundation has all of the rights to RotaShield®, an oral rotavirus vaccine. The International Medica Foundation focuses on ensuring that a safe, effective and affordable rotavirus vaccine is clinically tested and then can be provided to children in need globally. The foundation also aims to ensure that the manufacturing process for RotaShield is available to manufacturers in countries with the appropriate vaccine manufacturing capabilities.


To combat this killer of children, the International Medica Foundation has a rotavirus vaccine program and is currently developing a neonatal oral rotavirus vaccine, RotaShield®, which has the potential to protect infants earlier in life than the current rotavirus vaccines. The vaccine also is intended to be very affordable to families in low-income, less-developed countries.

International Medica Foundation's Phase II clinical trial of its oral rotavirus vaccine, RotaShield®, has reached the milestone of nearly 1,000 infants in the study that have recieved their second of two doses of either RotaShield or a placebo.

International Medica Foundation and Dr. Leonard Ruiz are featured in the January issue of Minnesota Business Magazine